Law of Trademarks and Company Signs

Trademarks identify the goods and services of a company and distinguish them from those of other companies. An effective defence against the registration and use of identical or similar signs by competitors usually requires the previous filing and registration of the trademark. Therefore, the registration of your trademark is essential to establish your brand name as an indication of origin and to guarantee quality.

Furthermore, trademarks can constitute considerable assets.Trademarks of well-known German automobile manufacturers for example are estimated at a value of 15 to 25 billion US dollars. Your trademark could be your most precious asset!

Our services. To the point.

  • Our consultancy in trademark law starts before the actual application for registration of a trademark. We investigate if the trademark of your choice is registrable and still available and thus minimize the risk of a refusal by the office and collision with prior rights of others. These prior rights cannot only endanger or delay the registration, but may also cause considerable claims for damages and claims to information.

  • We take charge of the registration of national, European and international trademarks and coordinate the whole registration process for you. In addition to Germany and Europe, our geographical focus lies on the so called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

  • After the registration has been successfully completed, we monitor the market and the registers. This lets you determine if other market players use or register identical or similar trademarks, so that you can quickly react and proceed cost-effectively against unauthorized use and registration.

  • We represent your company in every trademark related dispute before institutions and courts on a national, European and international level, e.g. in cancellation proceedings concerning identical or similar trademarks.