Design and Copyright Law

Not only the trademark but especially the design, the appearance of a product, influences the consumer’s decision to purchase. It appeals the customer emotionally and enhances customer loyalty. An innovative design is crucial for your company’s success. The design as an intellectual property right protects two- and three-dimensional patterns (shapes and colors). Its proprietor has the exclusive right to use the design and can therefore prevent imitations and replicas by competitors.

The copyright law protects creative performances, such as press releases, photographs, websites and computer programs. It grants the author the exclusive right to control the use and exploitation of the protected work. The copyright, in contrast to intellectual property rights, does not result from filling or registration, but accrues automatically upon the creation of the work itself, provided it fulfills the requirements for protection.

Our services. To the point.

  • Since the offices do not examine the requirements of novelty and individual character when a design is filed, it is the applicant’s task to ensure that these requirements are met.To carry out this task, we offer conducting availability searches for you. The results enable a profound assessment of the protection of your design, allow an adjustment of the registration strategy and prevent unnecessary costs. We arrangeand take care of the registration and the monitoring of national, European and international designs, represent your company in all design related disputes, and offer support for deriving the maximum benefit of your designs.

  • In the field of copyright, we advise on questions concerning the creation, use, defence and utilisation of copyrights.The German Copyright Act contains complex regulations regarding the use of protected work by third parties. Consequently, the focus of our consulting activities is on the drafting of license agreements that allow you to profit from your work.